Meat the truth

See through the lies and
deception of the meat industry


The meat industry doesn't want you to learn the reality of meat-eating. Our blind addiction to meat is killing the planet, murdering billions of animals, and brainwashing you and your kids into obedience. Learn the truth about all the lies you are told. Our campaign is here to spread facts and help you understand that if we want to make an impact, we need to consider eating less meat and seeing the truth behind the lies we have been always told.

Ever Wonder Why:

Why is it called a burger and not a cow?
How do we love our dogs/cats but are okay killing animals because we "like how they taste?"
Why do we rarely talk about where meat comes from?
Why does bacon look nothing like a pig?

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Animal Agriculture drives:

Land use change, deforestation, animal emissions (co2, methane, no2), resource depletion (land, water, food, energy), lowering sequestration, pollution, lower biodiversity, habitat destruction, soil degradation, energy reliance, chemical fertilizer, antibiotic resistance. It also abuses and murders billions of animals every year, exploits minority communities, creates zoonotic disease risk, and spreads propaganda to deceive you into supporting its harmful practices.

The Facts

Our goal is to shed light on the reality of the meat industry.

Being honest: we think that everyone should be vegetarian or at least try to eat less meat. We want you to make your own decisions and really think about why you support such a harmful industry. Any time you choose a meat-free option, you help save an animal’s life and make your voice heard. You are not to blame; you have been tricked into eating meat by society and the lies of the meat industry.

Quotes from *Previous* Lifelong Meat-Eaters

“When you actually think about it, my taste shouldn’t be the reason an animal is killed. It is easier than you think just to not eat animals.”
-22 y.o. now 3 years vegetarian
“I feel like I am not a hypocrite anymore. I am making a positive environmental impact and no longer am part of the problem. I can't believe how bad meat production is for the environment.”
-30 y.o. now 1 year vegetarian
"There are plenty of choices and variety in meal options. It has made me think more about what I am eating. My kids taught me about the meat industry, and it's just so horrible."
-49 y.o. now 5 months vegetarian

Rethinking Your Relationship with the meat industry? Be part of the change today!